Due to nationwide restrictions, there are currently few public Masses being celebrated in our churches.  See links on home page to book to attend Mass. Please see this link for prayers that can be said at home

Some Masses are currently being streamed via Facebook (you do not need a Facebook account to watch the Masses) - details of times can be found in the current newsletter.  The link to our Facebook page is here

Mass times for this week are on the newsletter

Vigil Mass (Saturday Evenings)

St John's, Wallingford, 5pm
(Sacrament of Reconciliation from 4.30pm)


English Martyrs, Didcot, 6.30pm


English Martyrs, Didcot, 7.30am Extraordinary Form Latin Mass (First Sunday of the Month only)

English Martyrs, Didcot, 9am

St John's, Wallingford, 11am

Weekday Mass Times


St John's, Wallingford, 12pm


English Martyrs, Didcot, 9.30am 

English Martyrs, Didcot, 7.30pm (Extraordinary Form Latin Mass)


St John's, Wallingford, 9.30am


English Martyrs, Didcot, 9.30am

Saturday mornings

English Martyrs, Didcot: 9.30am
(Sacrament of Reconciliation 10am - 10.30am)

Please refer to weekly newsletter for any Mass time changes