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Our Churches


Whether you are new to our parishes, a visitor to the area, or an existing church member,  English Martyrs Church in Didcot and St John the Evangelist Church in Wallingford are welcoming, thriving parishes with over 500 regular parishioners of all ages celebrating the Catholic faith.

Established since the 1930s, English Martyrs Church celebrates a rich history founded in the story of the English Martyrs who openly proclaimed and defended their faith since the early days of 1534 and who were persecuted for doing so. Our Church is dedicated to honouring these men and women for their bravery and perseverance which has helped to shape and widen our faith today.

The Catholic community in Wallingford purchased an old Congregational chapel in 1924 which had been built in the market place in 1799. Some years before it had ceased to be a place of worship, and had been used as a furniture store and bazaar. It was repaired, refurbished and re-opened as a Catholic Church dedicated to St John the Evangelist in late 1924.

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