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Joseph Kershaw in Uganda

Joseph went out to Mercy for Life Africa in Uganda. You made it possible when you supported him, when you financed his trip, when you prayed for him, when you encouraged him with smiles and chit chats. He went out in your name with other friends or like minds to express their faith and deepen their love for humanity.


While in Uganda, he wrote….”We are all happy and well. Each morning we awake to the sound of cockerels crowing and local women singing praises to God in harmony, followed by the noise of lots of lively children outside our bedroom windows!

The first taste of the local area was a walk along the dusty orange mud roads to the local Catholic Church for Sunday Mass. We ended the 1st day with a beautiful time of evening prayer, rosary and worship with the children in the orphanage. This week your young people will be teaching assistants in a school, share hope in prison, as well as give out clothes and food parcels in the slums. 

Everyone seems happy and actually enjoying not using their phones…”

Thereafter, away from Kampala, they went to rural areas, witnessed prisoners doing labour in the hot sun in fields along the way, they visited and taught in schools, joined orphans at communal prayers, visited local markets to buy building materials to construct bridge and loads more.

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